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I-Solutions is an emerging Investment Data Management & Wealth Advisory company managing assets for its corporate and private clients worldwide.

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Financial Advising at I Solutions

We know that you must have comes across dozens of Financial Advisors and hundreads of their services. Trust we are no different but still give a thought to Financial Advising at I Solutions and then decide, are we in the same line or we are trying to create a different world of Financial Advising

For us, Financial Advising is not about Products, Returns, Bonus, Annuity, Market Movements, etc. Rather our core emphasis is to first understand

1. Who is our customer? What does he set out to achieve?

2. What challenges he may comes across

3. What is his current situation?

4. Are the current finances and future requirements aligned?

So, we first understand your relationship with money and accordingly start advising resulting into various solutions. Our intent is no matter where the market moves or product benefits are, we want to be your partner in your every walk of life. We want to be that helping hand which will enhance you in taking better financial decisions be it buying fresh insurance policy, insurance maturity, mutual investments, equity allocations, fd secured investments, nominations, transferring of wealth from one generation to another, etc. And mind you, all of these, without compromising on the basic necessities like thorough knowledge of market, products, experience, services, etc.

You must be wondering why do I need to consult a Financial Advisor, when I can do it on my own or I have world’s best advisor Google. Precisely, ask yourselves below questions:

1. Why do we have Family Doctor?

2. Why do we consult Chartered Accountant?

3. Why we need only lawyers to fight a case when there is a provision in the court that you can fight your own case!

Answer is simple, we fear “Wrong Decisions” and more than wrong decisions, we fear its impact on our routine life. But, finance is not that simple. Each mistake committed now will only be realised after 4-5 years, which is why the role of Financial Advisors and your involvement in taking efficient financial decisions increases.

And these Financial Advisor should have following qualities, like I Solutions Advisor:

1. Thorough Knowledge and Necessary Skills across Markets and Products

2. Prompt Sales and Post Services. Should be ale to communicate effortlessly

3. Genuine player for the long term and not a side business

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