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I-Solutions Advisor

Today business dynamics changes daily. We understand it as domestic business circumstance keeps changes with global factor. At I-Solutions we understand needs of each client 360 degree.

With emerging business opportunity in businesses, many time clients wants to postpone insurance payments keeping policies active without policy loosing key benefits of Death benefits intact.

Some time clients need short term liquidity to be raised from any assets class at cheaper rate of interest, and not left out with anything to keep collateral to banks.

Many time clients want to keep policy active by paying premium but doesn’t have funds to pay from anywhere and not even wish to raise loan.

Then Premium Financing is valuable tool to exercise and keeping your business cash flow intact or improves.

What is Premium Refinancing?

Life Insurance Premium Financing. It is one of the hottest topics in the life insurance industry. In recent years, premium financing has evolved as a valuable tool for high-net-worth individuals.
Premium financing allows high net worth individuals to use a combination of the life insurance policy and other assets as collateral for a loan to fund life insurance policies.

For Whom?

  • Clients with large estates that wish to preserve as much of it as possible for future generations.
  • Clients with significant insurance needs who desire to finance the payments with little or no out of pocket costs.
  • Client who doesn’t want to deploy fresh inflow in insurance policy due to business slow down.