Just a thought on practicality of investing in equities

Direct equity is like a SHORT TIME FUN GAME.

Yes let me explain....

Normally it starts when market is volatile (upward trend), and with person or individual who has spare time (like people had enough time during covid) for some period.

At that point he feels and try some reading and get some know how. And then with full dedication he start investing in some companies OR some of the individual follow the tips provided by their brokers, mentor, friends. Like this way it starts and very dedicatedly everyday he tracks the market. He feels proud if calls go right in short term...

As and then time passes let's say 3 month or 6 month or a year and market start behaving flattish (less volatile) , in this period new trader start getting bored and losses his focus from his portfolio and market. He starts getting busy with his job or business which ever profession he is. Finally the portfolio is not tracked and so on. Only 5 % of the people make money who is fully involved in this business.

We guess we have touch this point where majority of us have gone through this

Few days back we met one of my clients and saw one of his Demat holding, we was shocked seeing it. There were 128 companies with the portfolio size of around 1 crore.

When we ask what is this? How are you tracking it and some companies name where not known to me... What is the return on your investments?

He was completely blank and told "aise hi bana liya"

Now, Indirect Equity is a boring game where you give your money to a professional and literally you don't have to do anything. There is no excitement or tension (Pride or sadness).... nobody listens to you nor takes advice from you.

Let's professional fund manager and their team with  research about the company construct and track the portfolio and get a decent return for a longer period of time.

90 % of the people make a decent return if he has a good advisor.

We advise to all clients and we are sure majority of you has such type of portfolio which is Idle and also not of so good companies. Let this be handled by professional people like us in direct equity or indirect equity (Mutual Fund).


So please do contact us for the same



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