Due to market noise, many investors find it difficult to maintain focus, which is a basic investment discipline.

Every day, we are bombarded with more information from more sources than any other generation in history.

It's not a good idea to pay attention to market noise because it leads to short-term thinking and overreaction, which can hurt your long-term portfolio profits.

The information that is shared through social media may be incomplete or misleading.

The less news you consume, the bigger the advantage you have.

Investors should obtain full data on any firm or investment product before making an investment choice, regardless of the channel through which the information is obtained.

What i am saying might be repetitive to many of you .....but in my daily experiences meeting clients I am seeing it people gives importance to news and noises and so he/she wait for downfall and misses the bus .

Many of the investor has failed to create wealth due to timing the market.

Shocking part is existing investors who is associated with us since last 10 -15 yrs also sometimes fall in this category and asked me the same questions...

Market high pai hai na , we should wait ??

I tell him whenever and whatever times we had invested in this past years......many of time the market was at highest level or near to it and then too we have made a healthy and handsome portfolio with good returns.

Investing just on the basis of pricing isn't actually investing. It’s more like speculating.

It's all about consistency and patience when it comes to investing.