One evening, the sun was setting and the neighbourhood found Rabia searching for something on the street -- an old woman, everybody loved her; of course, everybody thought her a little crazy, but she was a beautiful person -- so they all rushed to help her and they asked, What has been lost? What are you searching for? She said: My gold coin. I was doing some gold coin work and I have lost my gold coin. Help me! You are so kind! So they all engaged in the search.

Then one man, seeing the fact that the street was so big and the gold coin was such a small tiny thing and that unless they exactly knew where it had been dropped it would be almost impossible to find it, came to Rabia and said: Tell us exactly the spot. Rabia said: Don't ask that because in fact I have not lost it outside my house, I lost it inside.

They all stopped searching and said: Crazy woman! Then why are you searching here outside in the street when you have lost it inside the house?

Rabia said: THERE is much darkness. Here is a little light, how can you seek when there is darkness? And you know I am poor, not even a lamp with me. How can you seek when there is darkness? So I am seeking here because still a little sunlight is left, and still something can be done to search.

The people started laughing. They said: You are really crazy!

Rabia asked: Where are you all going ? They said we have incurred big loss in this village in business, so we are migrating to other village to do business.

Rabia: That’s what … isn’t same thing goes to you also. If you have lost your money in business in this village, why don’t you restart again here only. Earning your lost wealth in the same village will be little more easier compare to starting whole some of new game in other area or with other group of people

Moral of the story : it’s always time taking exercise  to keep changing asset class and keep changing your advisor in hope of earning better returns