Hasmukh: hi, I have just messaged you a contact. He is close friend of mine, he has very big portfolio, but he tells he has never made profit,I have strongly referred you to him. He has tried multiple strategies and many advisor but he didn’t made much profit. So I have told him to take your advice.

I: Sir thanks for referring us, and showing trust in our advisory and services, but if you don’t mind can I say something?

Hasmukh: Sure sure, but rather than me you should advise him, he needs serious hand holding, I really don’t understand, howcome in 5 years of time span some one is not making expected profit.

I: See, earning returns from investment is two way process. I Mean generating returns is like traveling in a train, & train is just vehicle to reach to your destination, It will halt on many station and keep running again and again.It has its own map to run.It is the passenger who keeps catching and leaving train as per their need.

Same way earning returns is not only depending on scheme’s performance but also on level of passions and risk tolerance capacity of investor.To my view earning returns depends on both, 50% on Fund Manager’s capacity to perform and 50% on investor’s holding and tolerance capacity during ups and downs of markets. As advisor we can help you to catch right train for your destination, or educate you what could be destination in train you are already traveling in.

Moral Of The Story is earning returns from equity is not only depending on capacity of fund manager to perform in such volatile market but also how strongly investor remain stick with fund manager in this volatile market.