Today morning I got a call from Hasmukh, he was quite tensed.

Hasmukh: Hi, I need to know something, can we talk?

I: Yes why not.

Hasmukh: Though I don’t trust WhatsApp forwards, but still I am little shocked & worried after reading some photos of hospital bills shared by COVID-19 patients. Being insurance advisor have you come across any such case? What could be roughly estimated expense of COVID-19 treatment? Is my mediclaim covers COVID-19 treatment. How supportive is Mediclaim insurance company to get claim? 

I: Hold hold Hasmukh ... let me answer your all query. This are natural questions 

  1. See first of all, all insurance companies are there to serve clients & also in past it Gujarat earthquake, Kerala Flood every time they have stood beside nation and rather they have become liberal in their process to settle claims faster and smoother. And same is case with Covid -19 too
  2. About medical expenses. it’s not fixed, it varies as per criticality of patient. But as per latest report insurance companies have received almost 1000 claim, in which they have seen expenses starting from 2.5 Lacs to 14 Lacs also in some cases (As of 4Th. May.)
  3. All mediclaim policies covers COVID-19 Treatment.

Hasmukh: but as you said in some cases expenses can reach to 14 lacs, what if 2 or more members get affected. We didn’t have such a big cover right? What’s a way out?

I: Yes. You are right, if u check my messages in last few days I have messaged you to go for TOP-UP on existing mediclaim. 

Hasmukh: yeh.. I have got those messages; can you explain me what’s it?

I: TOP-UP mediclaim is nothing but additional mediclaim which can be opt from any insurance company on existing policy & that too it comes at very low price.

Whenever there is claim, first expenses will be claimed from original policy and whatever is left out that would be claimed from TOP-UP. 

Hasmukh: its good option, just send me quotation I will definitely go for it, Sometime I feel myself so smart now you know?

I: Why so?

Hasmukh: in business, normally there are always two risk, manageable & unmanageable, Critical diseases are kind of risk which comes under unmanageable risk but I feel myself smart because, I have covered myself and my family.

Secondly I have a very smart and friendly advisor who takes care for my financial planning.

Moral of the story is getting infected with such disease like COVID-19 is unmanageable but having good mediclaim to cover COVID-19 is manageable. One should not leave no stone unturned, which they can do.