I was invited by Hasmukh for high tea at his office, I reached at his office on time.

While I entered in his cabin he was fighting loudly over phone with someone.

finally, in few minutes, he finished call, & shockingly thanked me.

Hasmukh: Sir your each advice is golden gem and all time I gained from it.

I: first of all, tell me whom where you fighting so loudly on phone

Hasmukh: my girlfriend, she caught me red handed. 

I: Why what happened? you are married, you should stop this all now. & you are excellent story maker, I have seen you so many time getting caught red handed by Bhabhi too and you come out safely and successfully from it too. How come you lose out to this girl friends

Hasmukh: that’s why I said your advice always becomes very helpful to me

I: I am confused explain me in detail Hasmukh.

Hasmukh: you remember some time back when I came to you to invest in some debt and structure product, what you advised me.

I: Yes, I still remember I strongly objected and advice you to not to venture into any asset class which is not known to us & complicated to understand.

Hasmukh: that’s what your Bhabhi is like equity but I know her nature and risk involved, whereas this girl friends are risk which is unknown to us & may be little complicated too, so I avoid making more arguments or taking risk with them.


Moral of the story is venturing into any assets class which is not known to us is always risky. One should not risk 98% of money to gain 1 or 2 % extra returns. Sticking to your basics will always more fruitful.

Lokesh & Bhavin