​​Very interesting event I still remember to answer above question.

I have a friend, Hasmukh, once I saw him on seashore dragging out one rich man from sea to save him from drawing in sea.

Hasmukh was full of sweat he pumped out water from rich man’s body and saved his life. Finally, that man got in senses and thanks hasmukh & also gave him few coins from his pocket amounting to be hardly Rs 10 or Rs 15. With such peanut reward, too hasmukh welcome and thanked that rich guy with smile.

But I could not hold myself and went forward to hasmukh and ask him,

I: don’t you know that guy whose life you saved in sea is one of top 5 billionaire in city today.

Hasmukh: So?

I: you saved his invaluable life, he is worth of billions & he rewarded u just 10 Rs - 15 Rs.

Hasmukh: I know his worth. You know his worth... but he himself doesn’t know his worth... so its waste of time to talk to such guy. I did what is my duty. 

Moral of story is you are best judge of your worth than anyone else, no financial advisor can advise you better than you realise your worth yourself


Lokesh & Bhavin