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I-Solutions Advisor

The objective of Partner Program is to:

  • Assist existing investment / financial advisors to grow their business in a professional and independent manner.
  • Assist individuals who have the entrepreneurial drive and discipline to build and run their own financial planning and wealth advisory business.
  • Assist individuals who wish to leverage their contacts/ relationships with high net-worth individuals and earn an additional income.

It has a range of two revolutionary and innovative affiliation options:

Independent Partner

For financial advisors who want to build their business their own way, independent partner affiliation with I-Solutions is ideal. Here, one enjoys all the benefits of independently managing their practice – selecting office location, structuring the staff, managing office administration, and more. It also offers access to a full range of financial planning and wealth advisory solutions backed by cutting edge service and generous payout options.

Professional Partner

This is a referral partner program where one can leverage their contacts/ relationships to earn a fee income. Here, I-Solutions provide financial advisors to manage the entire financial planning process after the initial introduction. This program is best suited for people who wish to earn additional income without necessarily disrupting their existing occupation. Please communicate your interest via email.