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I-Solutions Advisor

Many times we have seen clients flooded with investments in many assets class. Like MF, Equity, Deposits, Insurance Policy, PMS, Real Estate and many more like this. Major parts of such investments are obligatory or unplanned investments sold by banks, agents, relative, friends..

And if we ask what’s your total portfolio value? Majority of clients are just blank at this question.

At I-Solutions we bring whole some of such investment on single tabulated format and helps you to understand how your investment is made across the family member and across the products and what is total investment of your family.

What we do?

Step 1: We gather all data of your scattered investments from your files, Banks statements, income tax papers, letters and correspondences (and even some time from companies where you think you have made investment but don’t have any records).

Step 2: With the help of latest technology platform & team of experts we organize total record.

Step 3: Helps you to understand your past investments and its future scope.

Then What?

We will prepare detailed investment report INVESTMENT KUNDALI© of your family which is consist of detailed reports


Total Portfolio valuation in single tabular format consisting total valuations of MF, Equity, Insurance, Deposits, Commodity and Real Estate. (Sample Report)

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports on Fixed Deposits & Bond, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Equity, Commodity, Real Estate and others.

Annual Calendars

Details of Interest receivable in each month and Premium to be paid in each month.

Financial Ledger

Which helps you to understand inflow of money like interest, dividend, maturities, and rentals and so on… & outflow of your money like fresh investments made, premium paid and so on (Sample Report )

Cash Flow

A most powerful tool which makes you understand inflow of money and out flow of money year on year like 2013,2014,2015.....It will also show your life cover movement year on year .just as instance as soon as your policy gets mature next year life cover will be reduced with that much amount. (Sample Report)

We will also keep in touch for your personalize alerts on your Premium Dues, Insurance and FD Maturity, Interest dues on your Fixed Deposit, Rate hike in your existing bank where you have deposits, rental due and agreements renewal alerts of your leased property and so on....