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I-Solutions Advisor

In any identity set-up process, the process of selecting the form of identity plays a very important role, as various factors like objective ,flexibility, requirement, taxation etc are required to be kept in mind and a wrong decision may hamper your future plan.

At I-Solutions we understand that it is not easy to select the right kind of identity form and therefore we can help you in understanding the technicalities that lies behind each form , to enable you to take a right and informed decision.

Our networking with a leading trust and corporate service provider in India, gives you access to expert trust & other identity creation and management services, as well as helps you to organize your business throughout the world and create a trust that helps you organize your worldwide assets and manage your estate and tax efficiently.

We can help you in setting the following form of identity

  • Non-Banking Finance Company
  • Holding Companies
  • Private Trust
  • Charity Trust
  • Offshore Trust
  • Hindu Undivided Family