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I-Solutions Advisor

Business today knows no boundaries. We have an access to products and services across borders as countries continue to globalize. However the farther our goods travel the more risk they are exposed to.

That's why at I-Solutions we have team of experts in industry to advice you right product at right time at right price.

We offers wide range of products to answer your need.

Marine Insurance Open Policy

  • Automatic insurance protection for a specific period of time (usually one year).
  • Premium is by deposit (based on an estimate), and adjustable on declaration of actual values of shipments/dispatches
  • Always open until cancelled by either party to the contract.
  • Certificates are issued for individual shipments/dispatches.

Marine Insurance Specific Policy

  • The Marine Specific policy insures cargo against risks involved in a specific voyage

Marine Insurance Sales Turnover Policy (STOP)

  • STOP is a designer product for the discerning customer, an Open Policy in the real sense of the term. The premium for the policy is charged only on your sales turnover.

Innovative Marine Solutions

  • Multinational Cargo Transport program
  • eMarine
  • Marine Loss Control (MLCE)