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I-Solutions Advisor

  • Know your Total Net Worth
  • Blindly paying in insurance policy?
    without knowing fund options, minimum paying term,
    Death Benefits, withdrawal options available
    in emergency.
  • Holding on to low interest rates Deposits?
    Get regular updates on rate hikes in your bank.
  • Blindly made nomination to family member?
    Know updated share of each family member in your investment.
  • Untracked Mutual Fund Portfolios.
    Know your fund performance as layman.

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Who is I-Solutions?

I-Solutions is sculpture from team of young first generation entrepreneur hard work. A group founded in year 2003 and gained huge acceptance among High Net worth Individual, Corporate Clients, NRI and so on...

I-Solutions professionals are grouped by focus and our clients are able to deal with our professionals who speak their language. Our internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of informed and timely advice to clients.

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